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 About the DMAIB 

Who are we?

The Danish Maritime Accident Investigation Board is an independent unit under the Ministry of Business and Growth. We investigate maritime accidents and accidents to seafarers in order to prevent recurrent accidents.

The DMAIB is based in Valby, Denmark, and consists of four investigators, one of which is the head of the board. The investigators together have a broad maritime and technical background combined with knowledge within safety science.

What is our purpose?

Our mission is to investigate accident in the shipping and fishing industries on Danish and Greenlandic ships as well as accidents on board foreign ships in Danish and Greenlandic territorial waters. The DMAIB also investigates very serious accidents related to commercial diving operations.

The aim of our investigations is to clarify the events and circumstances of the accidents. Through the investigations we collect knowledge about safety at sea. This knowledge is communicated in investigation reports, lectures and articles in order to be used by the industries and authorities to prevent future accidents and enhance safety at sea. The DMAIB does not investigate with the aim to establish legal or economic liability.

The Danish Maritime Accident Investigation Board investigates about 140 accidents annually. In case of very serious accidents, such as deaths and losses, or in case of other special circumstances, either a marine accident report or a summary report is published.

A brochure about the DMAIB is available below: