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Fatal accident on the fishing ship H72 MIKKEL on 6 December 2016 

28. February 2017

The Danish Maritime Accident Investigation Board has prepared a marine accident report on a fatal accident on board the Danish one-man operated fishing ship H72 MIKKEL.

On 6 December 2016, a fisherman fell overboard, while the ship was making passage on a southerly course starting north of Snekkersten harbour, Denmark. The fisherman had most likely attempted to sort out an entanglement during the process of shooting the nets, when his hand got caught by the net, and the fisherman was dragged overboard. The accident was not detected until two hours later, when MIKKEL grounded south of Vedbaek harbour, approx. 10 nm south of Snekkersten. The fisherman was found deceased in the water 4½ hours later.

In the marine accident report, DMAIB focuses on critical issues concerning the life-saving appliances and emergency equipment and their use in connection to man overboard situations on one-man operated fishing vessels, which arise in the absence of other crew member’s assistance from the ship.

The report concludes that reducing the crew to one person necessitates rethinking the nature of the life-saving appliances and emergency equipment, as a crew of one person typically cannot handle the following important safety-related actions in an overboard situation: raising alarm, manoeuvring the ship, and rescuing the person in the water.

The marine accident report is in Danish and available here.

For further information, please contact marine accident investigator Grete Horsboel by phone + 45 91 37 63 05 or email

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