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DBI - Fire and Security: New fire strategies in the wake of the fire on UMOE VENTUS on 15 December 2015 

20. February 2018

The UMOE VENTUS accident was a example of the fire risks related to the lightweight composite vessels of the future. The purpose of this project is to rethink and strengthen fire-fighting on board FRP vessels, by developing new guidelines for fire prevention, based on experiences from the UMOE VENTUS accident.

In view of the greater use of composite materials in the maritime sector, this project will support innovative technological development by creating customised guidelines for FRP vessels. Emergency procedures must also be analysed by taking a new, human-centred approach.

An inadequate and maladjusted fire strategy can contribute to exacerbating fires, as was the case with the UMOE VENTUS accident. With the development of new fire strategies for FRP vessels, DBI will contribute to strengthening fire safety on the composite vessels of the future, to create better emergency procedures for crews.

The aim of this project is to develop new guidelines to support the development of new rules under IMO auspices for the fire protection of FRP vessels. The project's results will be presented to the Danish Maritime Authority as input for future guidelines for fire safety on FRP vessels.

OSK Ship-tech A/S
Danish Maritime Authority
The Danish Maritime Accident Investigation Board

The project was supported by The Danish Maritime Fund.

The project reports are available here.

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